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Making Batteries Intelligent

An Integrated Product Ecosystem with a Digital SAAS Platform to Accelerate your Journey of Electric Mobility

Our Technology Stack

Indigenous & integrated technologies that enable high degree of control and easy asset management

Battery Tracking System

  • Monitor Battery Health, Location, Utilization

  • Remotely Control Battery Operations

  • Inventory Management

Battery Swapping Station

  • Online/Offline Control

  • Interoperable with batteries of multiple makes

  • Customizable & Modular


  • A Battery Intelligence Platform

  • Live Tracking, KM Run, Energy Used

  • Utilization Reports & Ageing Predictions

Battery Management System

  • Passive BMS 3s-4s

  • Passive BMS 10-14s

  • Smart BMS 11-28s


Enabling the future of Cleaner Mobility

Our  journey depicted in numbers




Trips completed

KMs Covered

KGs of CO2 Saved

Batteries We Support

Our ecosystem consists of batteries from industry-leading OEMs. Reach out to us to get your batteries integrated.

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